Protecting the growth engine is the central mission of any business.

Today’s cybersecurity practices form the foundation of a coherent compliance and due diligence strategy for businesses performing in the rapidly expanding digitalization of corporate assets.

The growing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats have focused shareholders, investors, customers, and board members to implement solid risk and data protection practices.

Many companies struggle to determine how to approach, invest, implement, operate and manage a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and compliance in an affordable manner. In the digital economy, business leaders need clear and well-communicated strategies and tactics appropriate for both their clients and internal cyber and privacy performances such as protection, compliance, detection, and incident response.

With EmeSec, the affordable cybersecurity and pragmatic compliance question transitions from the awkward, “Can I?” to the “I should have contacted EmeSec sooner.”



Light Manufacturing
& Compliance

Light manufacturers supporting the Federal marketplace need to meet all CUI/CTI/DFARS compliance requirements.  The interconnection of traditional and legacy manufacturing creates complex cyber challenges not previously experienced. EmeSec helps guide you as a strategic advocate addressing internal and external cyber threats with strong and adaptable security program tactics. 

Cloud Consulting

EmeSec is one of the leaders in cloud security consulting. EmeSec has proven experience in guiding organizations through complex technology transitions and the associated compliance and due diligence implications.

Our lives and businesses are in the clouds already. Cloud security is one part technology, one part business and one part change management. EmeSec focuses on greater resource connectivity with managed organizational risk. We know there are affordable solutions for your budget! You get that when you work with us.    


Risk Auditing

Companies’ understanding of risk exposure is significantly shifting as digitalization and privacy will increasingly be linked to productivity and reputation. CEOs, stakeholders, and Boards frequently struggle to balance risk and reward. EmeSec employs a variety of risk auditing techniques appropriate for helping businesses holistically understand and mitigate the challenges that are specific to their corporate, security, and business risk. Our mission is to simplify the known and the potentially hidden risks for you.