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EmeSec has designed and implemented services to facilitate the transition to the digital economy by public and private organizations.  EmeSec services focus on implementation and operationalization with compliance and audit by design saving companies time and money.  Our work is consistent with the DevSecOps methodology necessary to remain competitive and protected from ever changing opportunities and threats.



Applying big data, cloud, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) strategies to cyber and privacy performances. 

Most businesses need to update strategies around these pervasive trends to protect their data and avoid ever expanding liability issues. Elements and components we assist with are “how-to” approaches to understanding data ownership rights and framing and privacy events, leaks and incidents.  

Engaging oversight, governance, and review or audit as a proactive protection.

EmeSec helps businesses, agencies and non-profits develop processes for measuring, monitoring, and adapting oversight and governance to demonstrate due diligence based on ISO and NIST.  By adapting and evaluating procedures such as information, privacy and security budgets, systems and third party acquisition plans, use of outsourcing and cloud services as a risk mitigation strategy, EmeSec delivers a continual improvement mentality to its solutions and ultimately its customers.  

Developing confidence and trust.

In a world of evolving threats and expanding liabilities, internal and external confidence and trust is an essential as enabler for performance.  Confidence in meeting security and compliance requirements translates into exponential trust in building long-term business relationships. We support customers in establishing and marketing their ability to protect their customers and partners’ information as a strategic business advantage over their competitors within their budget and resource capabilities



EmeSec Core Capabilities and Services

As businesses, executives and employees plan for 2018 business needs, consider the specific EmeSec services:

    • Risk Assessments, Customized Audits and Inspection Testing
    • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
    • Cyber and Privacy Technology Implementation
    • ISO integration with technology and compliance
    • CUI/DFARS 7012 compliance services
    • Compliance or CISO –as-a-Service
    • Supply Chain monitoring

    • Policy and Procedure alignment for compliance efficiencies
    • FedRAMP 3PAO consulting
    • FedRAMP 3PAO Ready Testing and Full Inspection Testing
    • EU-GDPR technology implementations for monitoring compliance


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    The CUI basic and derived security requirements established by NIST give contractors a platform for evaluating their data protection and a framework for enhancing foundational security. However, for many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), this unwieldy mandate, which is hidden in the DFARS language, can be a barrier to entry or a regulatory requirement that is forcing their exit from the federal marketplace.
    — Maria Horton, CEO