Since inception, EmeSec has successfully supported a variety of Federal agencies providing fundamental cybersecurity services and solutions. With prime ID/IQs and GWAC contract vehicles, EmeSec works with government agencies to navigate emerging threats and challenges specific to the mission environment and ecosystem. Our past performance covers federal healthcare, homeland security, the military services, financial organizations, regulatory agencies, and other small independent agencies.

EmeSec has successful experiences that span regulatory review and guidance to technical testing, vulnerability analyses, and risk assessments. The EmeSec approach to the challenges of change management and cybersecurity is action-oriented and uses efficient solutions and technologies - whether in-house or via third party solutions. 

For our government customers, EmeSec focuses on operational risks, real and potential management liabilities, and technical innovations. Our success has been about high-caliber solutions and not simply assigning personnel at government offices.

EmeSec often works with legacy capabilities and systems that are merged with new in-house and third-party solutions. We enable agency leaders to implement protections that bridge today's reality of modernizing government technology. 




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