#Simplify CUI: Volume II Now Available


Today, I am happy to share that EmeSec has published a second e-book, titled #Simplify CUI:  Countdown to ComplianceThis eBook is a strong continuation of EmeSec’s thought leadership and our role as a chief educator and translator of the CUI requirements for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For many organizations, the preparations for compliance, if not underway, are imminent and as the deadline approaches, meeting the requirements may mean the difference between staying in business or losing the ability to bid on and win government contracts and positions.

This is why the time to take your compliance obligations seriously is NOW. We published this eBook with a tactical guide in mind. #SimplifyCUI Volume II is written and meant to help organizations correctly frame their priorities within their organization and ideally, address any delayed starts.

Our team has met with many companies and worked with dozens on CUI compliance. The themes we keep hearing from the marketplace since starting our #SimplifyCUI practice have ranged from disbelief to frustration to tell me the path forward.  All of our customers are eager to do the right thing, reduce supply chain risk, meet compliance, and ensure their revenue remains steady or grows.  Some have chosen to have all of the work done for them and review it.  Others have chosen to do the work in-house. This second eBook will help you understand more about what others are doing within CUI compliance.  It may help you frame the right strategy or the tactics to meet your organization’s specific needs.

The eBook also offers a prioritization guide that maps components of risk and response as stipulated by the CUI requirements. We also discuss some key lessons learned from multiple CUI-related customer engagements.

If you are currently working or looking to work with the federal and defense government entities, you need to demonstrate compliance to avoid penalties or loss of revenue. Our eBook is the most cost-effective, practical guide to allow you to accomplish the requirements on a reasonable budget.

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Feel free to send us your feedback directly or through our group on LinkedIn through our #SimplifyCUI Group or @mariahorton or @EmeSec.