VETS 2: Stability and Certainty for Enterprise Technology Solutions

Today, we completed the first VETS 2 GWAC post-award meeting. Now is the time for the awardees to respond to task orders and form partnerships that will take them to success. Many in the Federal marketplace don’t realize the unique benefits of this vehicle, which is why I hope this blog post helps educate and spread the word about the value of leveraging VETS 2.

VETS 2 is a GSA GWAC for accessing IT solutions from a qualified, diverse pool of previously vetted and price competitive small businesses.  With a ceiling of $5 billion, the VETS 2 GWAC is the only GWAC set-aside exclusively for Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB).

VETS 2 is designed to meet a variety of diverse agency IT requirements, including new and emerging technologies.  Examples of enterprise IT services within the scope include: Data Management, Information and Communications Technology, IT Operations and Maintenance, IT Security, Software Development, and Systems Design, Cybersecurity, Security Compliance, Cloud, and other related services requested by a multitude of government agencies.

VETS 2 GWAC Features:

•      Short procurement lead time

•      No fees to your agency for use

•      Pre-competed & pre-negotiated approved rates

•      Best-in-Class (BIC) designation

•      Use with all contract types: FFP, T&M, and Cost Plus

•      Easy procurement authority - training in less than an hour

•      Enables long-term planning - VETS 2 has a five-year base period and one five-year option period

The high-quality pool of awardees is easily seen as most primes hold multiple certifications such as ISO, FedRAMP, CMMI, and other specialty capabilities and designations.   

In today’s acquisition and modernization environment, using the right vehicle can be critical for meeting mission requirements successfully!  Using an established and convenient acquisition methodology with no cost to the Agency is a “win” in the task order crunch many Agencies see each year.   Contact the dedicated GSA Support Team at for the ordering guide on the VETS 2 contract.
For additional information as an SDVOSB or Veteran owned business, please reach out to Maria Horton at As the Marketing Chair for VETS 2 Industry Partner (#V2IP) council, she can provide information and updates if you have further questions.  V2IP will also work with you as a small or large business to introduce you to a number of VETS 2 Prime Contractors. 

GO VETS 2!  Thanks GSA for supporting our VETS 2 Companies!