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Come meet our team at EmeSec. They are talented, credentialed, hold clearances, and possess multi-dimensional interests that support today’s 360-degree world of cyber, sensors, social media, and data sharing. They can’t wait to work with you!



Maria Horton

Founder & CEO


Ms. Horton, the CEO of EmeSec, is a woman technologist with non-traditional background and a history of early adoption of disruptive technologies. Her experiences include digital imaging, e-health applications, telemedicine and emergency management. Maria started her own company, EmeSec, after retiring from the Navy. During her final active duty assignment as the CIO for National Naval Medical Center (NNMC), she oversaw the requirements and implications for security and emergency management during the Sept. 11, 2011 terrorist attacks.

Those experiences instilled in Maria the importance of information security and privacy as well as the advantages of integrating new technologies with legacy or traditional business operations. EmeSec works with government agencies, large companies as well as small and medium sized businesses as an advocate for value realization. Responsible innovation today incorporates proactive compliance and cybersecurity assessments to reduce to the costs of comprehensive info security management. Digital transformation and the accompanying business enablement services for Federal, State and Commercial organizations require the vision and experience of adapting and integrating new solutions and services.

A dynamic visionary, her charismatic presentations span cyber, cloud, IoT, and compliance providing a unique C-suite perspective of technology via conferences, television, and publications. Check out some of her guidance on our Insight page. Maria mentors other small business start-ups providing real-world feedback, encouragement and industry advice.

EmeSec, is one of 43, FedRAMP 3PAOs and holds four ISO certifications. Maria is  a recognized cybersecurity, compliance, and emerging technology expert.


Tim Lowman

Chief Operating Officer


Tim Lowman, a retired military intelligence professional with a ‘no nonsense’ attitude related to technology development, is a go-to resource for commercial companies. Tim has long delivered on difficult projects providing creative solutions to systemic challenges and unresolved issues. His practical knowledge has and continues to result in immediate value and a clear path of action for EmeSec’s commercial clientele and our cutting-edge government customers. Tim is a sought-after expert on cybersecurity planning and operations and a key resource for all EmeSec customers.

Tim’s forward thinking philosophy is spearheading a new division of emerging technology and related services within the company, focused on artificial intelligence (AI), automated security monitoring and response, in-context security practices, and greater return on investment capture.

Tim is offers collaborative networking among large and small business firms nationwide.