EmeSec Incorporated holds a Prime contract on the U.S. Navy SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Multiple Award Contract (MAC). 

    Our partners and their technical capability areas are depicted below.


     More Information about Our Partners
    PenBay Media
    Five Stones Research Corporation
    CGI Federal, Inc
    EnSoftek, Inc
    Emergent, Inc

    The EmeSec Quality Assurance Program for SeaPort-e
    EmeSec Incorporated has established quality principles that guide the company and its services for our customers.  EmeSec’s commitment to the SeaPort-e contract like our other contracts is encompassed in our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Policy.

    EmeSec Quality Policy
    EmeSec is committed to the use of quality principles for the betterment of corporate performance, employee professionalism, and as a driver for corporate growth and maturity.  Using the disciplines of the ISO standards, EmeSec expects to achieve optimized corporate costs, greater efficiencies, and competitive advantage in our field of services while meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

    The EmeSec quality policy succinctly emphasizes performance, professionalism, cost efficiencies, and competitive advantage within our certification of ISO 9001:2008 for our Quality Management System (QMS).  This focus is consistent with the ISO certifications and best practices of continual improvement in today’s changing technological and financial environment.  Our team is dedicated to evaluating processes and procedures to improve consistency and performance.  The stability of our evolving quality program supports innovation and cost control within traditional support programs as well as leading edge technological programs.  Our staff is charged with identifying opportunities for internal improvement which drives our customer services to assure deliverables meet or exceed the client’s requirements.

    Uniquely, EmeSec combines our continually improving quality program with the strengths of service management – ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 – and security management – ISO/IEC 27001:2005.  Service management and security services form the backbone for the development and execution of Quality Control Plans (QCPs) and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QSPs) for our clients and our own internal projects. Our QCPs and QSPs guide project management activities and technical methodologies to ensure standardized and repeatable processes and procedures.

    A key element of our standardized process is communication.  Regularly documented reports that detail quality issues and metrics, along with direct professional communications, result in the betterment of services and mitigation of security risks. Our weekly status reports showcase performance metrics and standards. The cumulative effect is the demonstration of our ability to meet or exceed the standard.  Corporately, we track and report our assessment against the evolving ISO, Federal, DOD, and commercial best practices and standards in a continual manner.

    The integration of ISO standards with solid program/project management practices and clear, actionable communication results in improved products and services for our Navy and Marine Corps clients.

    For further information regarding the SeaPort-e program, please contact:
    Tim Lowman (Programmatic and Technical Issues)

    Nancy Domedion (Contracts)